SSPS Gurgaon

Assessment rules

Our students, many of whom are well-settled outside Ambala and abroad, will agree that the training they received from here is comparable to the best. Here they are under the best of the guidance and are continually assessed.

Assessment is viewed as an integral part of planning, teaching and learning process. It effectively guides children through the five essential elements of learning: the understanding of concepts, the acquisition of knowledge, the mastering of skills, the development of attitudes and the decision to take responsible action.

This is done in the beginning to assess what the child already knows.

Formative Assessment
This is interwoven with the daily learning and helps teachers to find out what the children already know in order to plan the next stage of learning. It provides a wholesome education beyond the classroom teaching as the students explore the world themselves through various projects and other activities.

Summative Assessment
This takes place at the end of the teaching and learning process and gives the children opportunity to demonstrate what has been learned. Assessment may be Teacher assessment, Peer assessment or Student’s self-assessment.