SSSPS Gurgaon

Pillar of St. Soldier Group



AMr. Anil Chopra, Chairman St. Soldier Group of Schools and Colleges, is the man who has clearly understood the arithmetics of life and this has helped him in setting and achieving his goals while imparting education is his passion.

Born on April 26, 1954, he is a man of high caliber who has limitless stamina and excellent capacity to see beyond into the future. Gifted with rare administrative skills and matchless organizing ability, he is a paragon of brilliance, elegance, eminence and excellence. Men of his caliber are born but once in a blue moon. Being born and brought up in a family of educationists, he believes that the power of knowledge is the only durable basis of human and personal development. According to him, to keep face with the competitive world which has emerged in today's scenario, there is a pressing dire need to acquire quality education so as to get absorbed with the demanding environment. Our all the schools always concentrate & focus on developing all round personality of the students.


By creating 26 prestigious schools (mostly affiliated to CBSE Delhi), 18 professional and academic colleges, 6 National Open Schools he has brought quality education to the door-steps of the rural people and has thus rendered a yeoman’s service to the nation. He has revolutionized the concept of educational institutions as an ideal place for academic excellence where focus is on moulding the individual strengths and personalities of the students. As an industrialist and powerful business tycoon in real estate, his concept of corporate enterprise is closely interwoven with the notion of social responsibility. He believes that goodness and reliability make the journey of life smooth and lively.