SSSPS Gurgaon


There are six labs in the school that cater to students from Class 1 to Class 12. There is an earnest effort to inculcate in our students a scientific temper and inquisitive mind. Hands on experience is provided for all the students while teaching Biology, Physics & Chemistry. The state of art ISC Laboratories provide avenues for experimentation and research for students and teachers.

The science labs of the school are utilized by the Elementary section to demonstrate all the relevant topics in the curriculum like – water behaviour, properties etc. Topics like human body, internal organs etc are also dealt with in the Laboratory.

Most of the topics that can be introduced by a laboratory demonstration are dealt

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with in the science labs. These include: - solute-solvent-solution, levers-pulleys, plant parts, types of leaves, photosynthesis (stomata slide), types of roots and many more that are a part of the EVS curriculum. The labs activities are also extended into the class rooms at times where children in class 1 sow seeds and grow plants in the class itself.